The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu is the second part of the “Three-Body Problem” trilogy. This is much more ‘straight’ scifi with less Cultural Revolution than the first part, it is very very good though.

This is classic scifi, alien invasion pending, how does earth come together to defend itself sort of stuff, but with the twist that the plot evolves over a 400 year period with people knowing that the invasion is approaching and unable to prevent it (or are they?). There are some thought provoking ideas around characters hibernating and then awakening a century later and having to adapt to dramatically changed technologies and societal organisation which have resonance for the older generations of today who may struggle to cope with the pace of technological innovation.

A cracking scifi novel, I will grab the final part of the trilogy when it is published later this year. No plot busters please from people who have already read in the Chinese.



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